Arizona Weed Control

Some folks call them weeds, to others they’re just a plant growing where it’s not wanted. They seem to sprout overnight and can outgrow the plants you pamper in a heartbeat. Recent rains have prompted vigorous growth. Left unchecked they can steal water and nutrients from neighboring plants. Where do they come from? How can they be controlled so they don’t take over your yard?

Weed seeds arrive in your yard either by wind or carried in by birds. They could be brought in with yard equipment, grass seed, organic soil amendments or ‘hitch’ a ride on shoes, clothing or even on the fur of pets. The two basic groups of weeds are grasses and broadleaf weeds. Control methods will differ depending on which type you are dealing with. Some herbicides target only broadleaf weeds, while others may affect both types.  Some weeds sprout from seeds and grow, flower, produce seed and die within one season. These are referred to as Annual weeds. Perennial weeds can live for several years.

In Control Pest Solutions offers the following herbicide applications for all your weed control needs:

  • pre-emergent (preventive)
  • post-emergent (weed kill)

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